Los alumnos de inglés de los cuatro cursos de ESO y los dos cursos de 6º de primaria han asistido a una obra de teatro: New York, New Delhi.

La obra estuvo muy entretenida y vinculada a canciones actuales para captar la atención constante de los estudiantes durante su actuación. Además, es una actividad muy trabajada en el aula con la finalidad de entender todo lo que ocurriría durante la obra.

The English Theatre “New York, New Delhi” is amazing. It´s a combination of a love story and like a Broadway musical. I would recommend it to other kids and young couple, so it teaches that you should never give up an anything or anybody, and that you should always believe in love and friendship. Moreover, the actors were very nice and funny and the english pronounciation was amazing. It´s lovely. Do you really think friends after few years can be a couple? Well, it´s possible and this theatre is the perfect demostration for it. Finally, I really recommend it, because I think everyone liked it perfect!

                                                                                                         Naomi Oghogho 1º ESO

The story goes about two friends who did not see each other for a long time, then they run into in the London airport. Each one was going to take his plane to different destinations. Anne was going to New York and William was going to New Delhi. The two trips had been delayed at the same time. For this reason, Anne was very nervous and William told her to calm down, they tried to relax themselves. Besides, Anne remembered William´s name and she also could recall that they went to school together. From my point of view, it was very fun and entertaining so I love when the actors took volunteers to the stage to dance and sing with them.

                                                                                                        Olga Panadero 1ºESO


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