IMG_1400Last Thursday 11th February, 6th primary and secondary with their teachers attended a play entitled Mary Frankenstein. The play was shown by the company Forum Theatre on the EOI in Alicante.

It is based on the famous novel Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus.

The story is about Mary Shelley’s great-granddaughter. To celebrate the two hundreth anniversary of the writing she decides to record a new version of the most famous part of the book.

The play was a success since the students enjoyed it and laughed a lot. Two of our students had the opportunity to share the stage with the characters.

IMG_1409El pasado jueves 11 de febrero, 6º de primaria y ESO junto a sus profesores asistió a la representación en inglés de la obra Mary Frankenstein, representada por la compañía Forum Theatre en la EOI de Alicante.

Está basada en la famosa novela Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus.

La biznieta de Mary Shelley, para celebrar el doscientos aniversario de la obra, decide grabar una nueva versión de la parte más importante del libro.

La representación fue un éxito y nuestros alumnos disfrutaron mucho. Además dos de ellos tuvieron la oportunidad de compartir escenario con los personajes.

The play was great, funny and incredible. I went to the stage for acting.

It was an incredible experience and I want to repeat this feeling.

By Laila Talbi Chaouti

The play was very good, actually I was very impressed, the actors where very good just like last year, not a single fail. It was very funny too.

Especially when they asked for voluntaries, there was this kid from 1st ESO that was amazing. The theme of Frankenstein was very entertaining, the scene of when Dr. Frankenstein creates the bride for Frankenstein, now that was the best scene.

By Christian Marengo

It was about two teens that wanted to create a new version of the novel Frankenstein, because one of them is the great-granddaughter of the famous English writer Mary Shelley. This theatre was horrifically funny and very educative.

By Marcos Rodes Gálvez

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